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Entrepreneurship                  "Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking that has the ability to 
                                                                    recognize problems, analyze creative solutions, focus on new
                                                                    opportunities and lead with a vision toward the future."
  Jackie Jacobi

                                                                                            Project DREAM - Developing Regional Entrepreneurs and Mentors


Entrepreneurship Power is the abiltiy to produce the results you want!!

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There are Seven
Major Sources of
Economic Growth

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            Want to get in the E-Power Game?

                        IF YOU'RE GONNA PLAY THE GAME
                         YOU BETTER KNOW THE RULES!!

  What one word best describes an Entrepreneur?


Your Business is a reflection of You.  So build your business based on your passion, personality, values and strengths.  To better understand what makes you unique, click on the Career Planning tab above and complete the "Six Steps to Career Planning".  

I have found that successful entrepreneurs are pro-active and self-directed learners so please read this article 
Should You Have Your Own Business to see if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur - if so click here for An Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Business this is a 30 minute SBA free on-demand webinar that will answer many of your questions.  After you watch the webinar click here for a Check-List for Going into Business. 

This Steps to Starting a Business  will give you a roadmap to begin.  
The company's
Vision and Mission determines the strategic direction
for Business Development.  

This online free SBA webinar will help you  Prepare a Business Plan.  
There are Sample Business Plans and a Business Plan Template available
during the webinar. Click to see the many
Benefits of a Business Plan and Quickbooks Financial Management. 

Click here for Simple Steps to Starting Your Business a free online 5 module training program by SCORE.

Click here for free short interactive on demand webinars on 
"Starting Your Business", "Marketing Your Business", and "Managing Your Finances".
Also check the Events & Resource tab above because there are many free online webinars listed that will help you learn how to Build a Successful Business Venture. 

Another good resource is the Oklahoma SBA Small Business Resource Guide and the website Starting a Business from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Watch this two minute video from the Kaufman Foundation to find out  Where Entrepreneurs Get There Money.  I receive a lot of questions about Grant money to start a business, this document has all the answers about financing your Business ??? Grants ???.

Small Businesses comprise almost 98% of all businesses in the US.  Click here to learn "The Hardest Business to Own

"Control your expenses better than your competition - this is where you can always find the competitive advantage." 
Sam Walton, founder of Walmart and author of "Made in America".



Studies show that 85% of Start-Up Businesses fail within five years

There are only two ways to make money in business.
One is to be the least-cost producer; the other is to have something
nobody else has. (People do business with people they know, like and trust.)
What is Your Marketing Message?  This Worksheet will help you develop your
Marketing Plan.  Despite all the untold millions of products and services for sale in
today's marketplace, customers will exchange their hard-earned money for only
two things.  Click here to find out what those two things are; then study the book
How to Win Customers & Keep Them For Life by Michael Leboeuf, Ph.D.

If you want to Build your Business you must learn how to SELL your products
or service.  Listen to this free on-demand webinar for effective sales techniques
 Identify Your Sales Strategy

                   People who do not have good Money Management skills
              simply do not succeed.   Learn QuickBooks – Jackie teaches QB; also  
study the book "Managing by the Numbers" by Chuck Kremer and Ron Rizzuto.
                   Continually looking for cost reductions is a key to profits.  A good business model 
                   for business success is to start small and build your business with the profits from
                   the business.  Yes, this business model works!  
                   Click here for an Oklahoma success story about an entrepreneur who started small.
                   You must understand the following financial statements:  Cash Flow, Profit and Loss,
                   and Balance Sheet then learn to make your business decisions based on your financial
                   statements. History says you will fail if you owe three times as much as you have as capital,
                   so keep your debt to income ratio no more than 3 to 1.  Use the following worksheets  to
                   estimate how much it will cost to get your business set up.  Start-Up Costs Worksheets.
                   Click here for a Cash Flow template and here for the instructions.  Click here for the SBA  
                   booklet Understanding Cash FlowClick here for the SCORE Financial Templates
                   IRS makes many of the rules an entrepreneur must follow.  
                   I have summarized a few of the IRS Publications for you.  You can search
                   for the complete Publication and I suggest you have an accountant on your advisory team.

  Over half of business failures are directly related to a 
             lack of Management skills. (Good resource Awesomely Simple)
               Management is the process of planning, organizing, developing, and implementing strategy
                  and directing resources to carry out
 the company’s goals.  Business decisions involve People,
                  Products and Profit. 
Focus on what drives profits and become excellent at execution. 
                  The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make is - Focusing on the wrong things.
                 Learn how to manage your Small Business with technology by taking these five FREE online
                 SCORE Workshops.  I recommend you print the "How-to-Guides" prior to taking the workshops.   
                 Small can be mightly with technology.  Managers must hire and supervise employees and there 
                 is a lot to learn.  SBA provides this guide to help you 10 Steps to Hiring Your First Employee
                 Also check out this One-Stop Shop for Employers

  Business is really a Creative and Exploratory process:  Learn - Think - Create - Try - Change.

Repeat this process throughout your Business Life Cycle, while you focus on the Five Core Business Concepts: 
(1) Value Creation (2) Marketing (3) Sales (4) Value Delivery (5) Finance (unless you are doing the first four you
don't have any finance to analyze so learn to price your products or service for profit).  Learn these Five
Essential Business Concepts first, then you will be able to ask good questions so you can grow your Business.
The video on this link will explain this process Personal MBA.   

   For a customized entrepreneurship training workbook and one-on-one coaching contact: 

                                      Jackie Jacobi, Career Coach On Demand 



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